Weddings in Italy

Since 1994, Campioni Italiani di Veneto has arranged elegantly customized and personalized wedding in cathedrals, hidden-away churches, Venetian villas, historic palaces and Medieval castles throughout Italy.


We offer wedding in Italy in the following suggested locations:

  • ASOLO, in the Veneto Region

    Wed in the hilltop town of Asolo, the Pearl of the Veneto. The town is forever linked with the Queen Cornaro of Cypress who was forced to leave her throne in exchange for protection from the Serene Republic of Venice and the dominion of Asolo. The town boasts a rich setting with breathtaking landscapes

  • VENICE, in the Veneto Region

    Wed in a Venetian palace in the most romantic city of the world and dream of the past and Venice's elite nobility

  • PERUGIA, in the Umbria Region

    Wed in a period castle nestled in the charm of a wood-clad hillside with glimpses of the Umbrian countryside all around.

  • FLORENCE, in the Tuscany Region

    Wed in florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance and home to Dante, machiavelli, Michelangelo and the Medicis. The captivation of the city arises from its location on the banks of the Arno River and its atmospheric settings among low hills clad with olive groves and vineyards.

  • CORTONA, in the Tuscany Region

    Set into the side of a hill clad with olive groves, Cortona has changed little since the Middle Ages. From the town, enjoy stunning views of the Tuscan countryside and wed in the 16th century Ducal palace of the Medicis.

  • AMALFI, in the Campania Region

    Wed in Italy's paradise amongst the pungent fragrance of flowers, the salty air and the sun overlooking the Bay of Naples. Breathtaking view of Capri and other islands off the coast.

Eloping in Italy


Do you want to escape the heartache of planning an elaborate stateside wedding with hundreds of guests and details? Is your dream to share an intimate and romantic occasion together, just the two of you?

We have planned hundreds of weddings in Italy for those who wish to elope alone to the "Land of Love".

Your dream can come true in one of the most romantic spots in the world with incredible moments that you will never forget.

Learn more about us and eloping in Italy from Lisa Tabb and Sam Silverstein, authors of the acclaimed book:

25 Exotic Wedding and Elopement Destinations
Around the World
by Lisa Tabb & Sam Silverstein
Published by Contemporary Books, Copyright 2002
Lincolnwood (Chicago), Illinois

Legal Requirements



Our company, in conjunction with professional legal assistance, arranges all documentation including translations required by the Italian government. Marriages performed in Italy are honored in the USA as legally binding as they are reported to the appropriate US Consular offices. The fee for preparing these documents as required by the Italian government and prepared by an attorney ranges from $600 - $1200 depending upon the complexity of the required documentation. Legal costs are passed directly on to the client.

Final documentation is required in Italy in the presence of a US Consular Officer. Arrival in Italy must be at least 3 days prior to the weddings day. Arrival airport in Italy will be determined according to wedding location and location of the nearest US Consulate.


In order to proceed with legal documentation required by the Italian government, the following must be forwarded to our U.S. office. Additional documentation may be required depending on individual circumstances and will be determined at the time of booking.

  • Original copies of birth certificates with apostile stamp
  • Certified copies of applicable divorce decrees
  • Four witnesses who can attest to the present marriage status of the bride and groom (no relatives)
Additional Documentation for a Catholic Wedding
  • Original Baptismal certificates
  • Original First Communion certificates
  • Original Confirmation certificates
  • Nulla Osta from American Archdiocese
  • Pre-Cana classes

Wedding Services


  • Professional legal assistance and translation of all documents required for a legal marriage in Italy (recorded in the offices of the US Consulate)
  • Wedding Day management by our Italy office
  • Customized and implemented honeymoon itinerary including unique romantic locations
  • Fabulous wedding and reception locations in historic castles, villas and palaces, quaint churches and grand cathedrals (Catholic weddings only)
  • Customized travel arrangements throughout Italy for the wedding party and guests including extended stays in Italy after the celebration
  • Certified translator English/Italian for the wedding ceremony (required by law)
  • Transportation arrangements by limousine, gondola, etc. to and from the wedding and reception including transportation for all wedding guests
  • Coordination of music for the wedding and reception
  • Flower selections for the bride and bridal party plus decorative flowers for the wedding location and reception
  • Gourmet menu selections plus wines especially selected by our sommelier for an exquisite wedding reception including personalized reception menus printed with the names of the bride and groom
  • Professional photographer for the wedding and reception including option for the creation of a traditional Italian wedding album
  • Professional videographer for the wedding and reception
  • Hair and make-up assistance for the bride and bridal party plus esthetician
  • Traditional Italian bomboniere (small gifts from the bride and groom to their quest) and confetti (traditional decorated almonds)